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Brian A. Jacob, Max Kapustin, Jens Ludwig
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 130(1): 465-506. QJE Link
Formerly NBER Working Paper 20164 (posted 2014). NBER Link

In Progress

Kapustin, Max, Terrence Neumann, Kimberley Smith, Alexander Heaton, and Jens Ludwig. "Implementation as Intervention: Can Better Management Strengthen Policing in Chicago?"

Bertrand, Marianne, Monica Bhatt, Chris Blattman, Sara Heller, and Max Kapustin. “Reducing Gun Violence in Chicago: Experimental Results from the READI Program” 

Cook, Philip J., Jens Ludwig, Doug Miller, and Max Kapustin. "The Effect of Police Spending on Crime: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design"

Kapustin, Max. "The Effect of Medicaid on Children's Educational Attainment: Evidence from Chicago"


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